looking for a fic

Hey I am looking for a fic it ends draco/harry. Snape finds a young harry freezing outside the malfoy mansion at christmas and adopts him. Each chapter is a mini story about his life growing up with snape and draco as a friend.


Sitting and writing my swedish homework at the moment. Have to write about marriage. Just over 130 words at the moment. Want to try hit 500 words, well written with correct grammar. Its just a little hard ^^

Apart from that heading out a little later for a walk around the park. Got some bread ready to feed the birds :D

Little nervous for tomorrow though with my interview. Also heading up to skätteverket to apply for my ID card so I can finally open a bank account.
Umm not a lot going on at the moment. Hoping to start a job from the interview. One can hope definitly!

I need to set up some new user pics. I think I'll do that now :)
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I'm so freaking bored..

I so hope I get this job I'm going for an interview on Monday with. Be nice to actually go out and enjoy the city with friends more :<
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Writing a fic seems a lot easier than it actually is, I have all these great ideas in my head and it seems to work but then when it actually comes to the point of writing it never seems to work that well. *sigh*

I love to read Hotch/Reid fic's at the moment and would love to be able to write a nice long chaptered fic despite my awfull spelling but I just can't seem to put the ideas in my head down on paper, or in notebook.

I love to read happy fluffy fics, i also read sad stories however always have to read a happy one after that else ill be bawling my eyes out for quite a long time.

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Fic: Family

Title Family
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Hotch/Reid
Rating: G
Summary: A look in to family love
Spoilers - None outside of Foyet.

Aaron awoke, listening to the soft breathing of both his lover and his son, who had crawled in to their bed with nightmares the night before. Smiling to himself he stretched a hand over to stroke Spencer’s cheek gently. It had been nearly one year since Foyet had almost destroyed Aaron but as he lay in bed next to Spencer and Jack it all seemed so far away, the BAU, the murders, the senseless killings. It would be so easy to just let the world go by and remain in bed safe from the world, his arms wrapped around the warm bodies of his love and child.

Aaron watched as his eyes fluttered open showing the brown eyes that Aaron had fell in love with so many months ago. A adorable sleepy smile appeared on Spencer’s face. Aaron knew that, whatever happened in the future, as long as he had this man beside him, they could get through anything . A soft "love you Aaron" was whispered from Spencer’s lips as a soft kiss was lain against Aaron’s palm.

Looking back, Aaron remembered the first time that he had whispered those three special words in Spencer’s ear. Spencer had spluttered then blushed a deep red colour before looking down and replying with a soft "me to" before diving in to Aaron’s arms. It had taken another 6 months before Spencer said them back in the dead of the night after 2 hours of lovemaking, neither ended up getting much sleep that night.

"Morning love, sleep well?" Aaron asked his hand still stroking over Spencer’s face, he felt Jack also beginning to wake up between them.

"Mmm" Spencer replied yawning sleepily.

"Morning daddy, Morning papa…" A soft voice murmured from between them.

"Morning Jack, sleep well?" Aaron asked while Spencer kissed Jack softly on his head causing a soft giggle.

"Mmm" Jack replied copying Spencer’s earlier reply, "Sleep more."

Aaron smiled at Spencer as they curled back up under the covers. It was times like this that Aaron was thankful he was alive.


Thanks to olizashihar for betaing this for me! Hope this is a bit easier to read now :)